A poll suggests the ‘war on women’ message isn’t gaining traction, Tom Barrett releases another internal poll, Newt doesn’t like super PACs and John Edwards says God isn’t done with him.

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* Only three in ten women believe there is a currently a “wide-scale effort to limit women's reproductive health choices and services, such as abortion, family planning, and contraception” in the U.S, according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll. Forty-five percent believe there are some groups that would like to limit women’s reproductive services “but it is not a widespread effort.”

* Another internal poll from the campaign of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett finds the Democrat in a dead heat with Gov. Scott Walker (R), with the governor at 50 percent and his challenger at 48 percent. The two face off in a recall election on June 5; independent public polling suggests Walker has pulled ahead.

* President Obama hosted former president George W. Bush at the White House today for the unveiling of his predecessor’s official portrait. The former White House occupant joked that Obama could look up at the potrait and ask, “what would George do?” Bush’s father, George H.W. Bush, was also in attendance.

* Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney campaigned outside the bankrupt solar panel firm Solyndra today, calling the building a symbol of “gross waste.” The trip was a surprise; Romney said the secrecy was necessary because “there are people who don’t want to see this event occur.”


* Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, who won the South Carolina primary in part thanks to super PAC funds, is now lamenting the role the outside groups play. “It’s going to be a mess and people are going to be sick of it and it’s really unfortunate. It’s not the way a great nation should govern itself,” he told MSNBC.

* Michigan’s attorney general has announced an investigation into possible fraud in the case of Rep. Thad McCotter’s ballot petitions. The five-term Republican congressman submitted 1,830 signatures of which only 244 were deemed valid. In a statement, McCotter, who says he trusted his campaign team and was unaware of the problems, welcomed the investigation and said he “will assist as they see fit.”

* Virginia Senate candidate Tim Kaine (D) has reserved $2.5 million in ad time for the fall election. The former governor raised $6.8 million so far and has $2.5 million on hand for his race against former senator George Allen (R).

* After being found not guilty on one count of violating campaign finance law, former Democratic senator and presidential candidate John Edwards spoke publicly. “I did an awful, awful thing that was wrong,” said Edwards, who is accused of using campaign funds to hide his affair and the daughter he had out of wedlock. He said he hopes to move on: “I don’t think God is through with me.” A mistrial was declared on five other counts.


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