If you haven't noticed, we at the FIX love polls. They are a barometer on the public's mood, tell us who's up and who's down (and why), and boast a confidence in accuracy grounded in rigorous random sampling. 

We dig into Washington Post-ABC News polls every day, but keeping such poll results to ourselves is so selfish, isn't it? We want you to join the party, find YOUR most fascinating result and share it with the world!

You can start by viewing a video summary of how public expectations about an Obama victory in November outpace the the reality of the tight race.

Beyond video clips explaining the results, you can now view interactive polling results for every political poll we publish — and a growing number going back. This includes "detailed view" pages where you can examine results for almost every question by dozens of different groups — independents, post-graduates, white Catholics and swing state residents, to name just a few. 

On top of that, you can look at how responses to each question have changed over time, and break those results down by different groups.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to use the new format.

1. Start on the main interactive poll release page. (All of these links are listed in our Post poll archive.)

(The Washington Post)

(The Washington Post)

Not all past surveys are visible in this view yet, but the full trends for overall results will continue to be available in the Post polling archive.

4. Share the question results you found on Facebook, twitter, e-mail or other social networks.

5. To see more of the poll, either click on the header above the question wording — "July 2012 Post-ABC Election Poll" or click "Previous question" and "Next question" below the results.

We're very excited to provide this new in depth look at our polling data, and hope you are too. Send suggestions for improvements, new features or problems you're encountering to polls@washpost.com.