With the election now just 90(!) days away, President Obama has settled on a cadre of consultants who will direct the massive national campaign that he hopes will ensure his re-election on Nov. 6.

President Barack Obama boards Air Force One at O'Hare International Airport, Sunday, June 17, 2012, in Chicago, en rout to the G20 Summit in Mexico. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

But until now, we haven’t been given the full picture of everyone involved in that effort. Thanks to details provided to the Fix, below we do just that.


Larry Grisolano — or “Gris” as he is affectionately known within the campaign — is a veteran of the 2008 Obama campaign, and is leading the media effort this time too.

Erik Smith, a longtime Democratic operative, is a sort of coordinator-in-chief between the various media consulting firms working on the Obama reelection bid as well as with the Democratic National Convention staff.

Ann Liston (of Adelstein Liston) and Terry Walsh (of the Strategy Group) oversee media strategy in the states.

Aside from these more senior roles, the other media consultants who comprise the Obama media consulting team include:

* John Del Cecato of AKPD Media

* Sergio Bendixen and Fernand Amandi of Bendixen & Amandi (Hispanic focused media)

* Rich Davis and David Dixon of Dixon Davis Media Group

* Mike Donilon

* Ricki Fairley-Brown, DOVE Marketing

* Clifford Franklin of FUSE Advertising (African American media)

* Jim Margolis of GMMB

* James Aldrete of Message Audience & Presentation

* Mark Putnam of Putnam Partners


David Simas oversees the Obama polling operation that includes:

* John Anzalone and Jeff Liszt, Anzalone Liszt Research

* Joel Benenson, Benenson Strategy Group

* David Binder, David Binder Research

* Cornell Belcher, Brilliant Corners Research & Strategies

* Diane Feldman, The Feldman Group

* Lisa Grove, Grove Strategic Insight

* Paul Harstad, Harstad Strategic Research