At the end of a truly terrible week, President Obama is trying to seize some control over the news with a 10:15 a.m. statement on the economy.

Obama is expected to push Congress to pass his jobs plan, saying it would put construction workers, teachers and police and firefighters back to work.

The plan, which would be paid for with increased taxes on the rich, has long been stalled in Congress. Obama will also discuss the debt crisis in Europe and how it affects the economy at home.

The president’s campaign is already airing an ad in swing states pressuring Congress to act:

Clearly the president is hoping to pin at least some of the responsibility for May’s dismal jobs report on Republicans in Congress, while making the case that the U.S. is still in recovery. He likely also wants to refocus his message after former president Bill Clinton’s confusing, off-message statements earlier this week.

The White House Briefing Room statement will air live here.