FILE - In this Aug. 17, 2010 file photo, Congressman David Wu, D-Ore., speaks during an interview in Portland, Ore. Wu says it was "unprofessional and inappropriate" to send pictures of himself wearing a tiger costume to staff members. (AP Photo/Don Ryan, file)

The woman, whom the Portland Oregonian did not name, reportedly left a distraught voicemail accusing Wu of aggressive sexual behavior last fall.

The Oregonian, citing anonymous sources in the Congressman’s office, said Wu has acknowledged a sexual encounter with the woman but denied that it was unwanted.

In a statement late Friday, Wu did not directly address his own actions in the matter.

“This is very serious, and I have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention, or stress to a young woman and her family,” Wu said.

Wu spoke with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Saturday about the matter.

The news comes on the heels of a series of revelations that already threatened to bring the Portland-area congressman’s political career to an end.

Wu has been accused of erratic behavior toward the end of his successful 2010 reelection campaign, sending odd pictures to his staff and taking un-prescribed medication.

He has already drawn primary challenges from two Democrats – state Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian and state Rep. Brad Witt. Republicans also hope to target the Democratic-leaning seat, but will likely only do so if Wu survives the primary.

Whatever Wu did before, the optics of the latest accusations are even worse — especially given that the woman who made the call reportedly graduated from high school just last year and is apparently the daughter of one of Wu’s friends.

It’s also not the first time Wu has been accused of sexual misconduct. The Oregonian reported in 2004 that, in the 1970s, Wu was disciplined by Stanford University after his ex-girlfriend accused him of forcing her to have sex with him.