Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) spent more than $1,000 per vote during his failed presidential campaign.

Perry, who ended his campaign after the New Hampshire primary earlier this month, released his fourth quarter fundraising numbers on Monday, showing that he raised less than $3 million in the fourth quarter and burned through more than $14 million.

In total, Perry spent $16,347,912 on his campaign by the end of the year and had another $3,761,885 cash on hand.

Perry got 12,557 votes in the Iowa caucuses and 1,764 votes in the New Hampshire primary, for a total of 14,321 votes.

If Perry didn’t spend any of that $3.8 million in January, he would have spent $1,142 per vote.

If, as is more likely, he spent all of the $3.8 million (and likely more, assuming he raised some money in early January and/or went into debt), he would have spent at least $1,400 per vote.

And if you factor in the nearly $4 million spent by the pro-Perry super PAC Make Us Great Again, Perry and his supporters spent at least $1,680 per vote.

This is a striking sum.

By comparison, a Fix review of the 2010 midterm election showed the most any candidate spent per vote in the primary was $454. That was Connecticut Senate candidate Linda McMahon (R), who self-funded a total of $50 million for her campaign.

She was also the top per-vote spender in the general election, at $95 per vote.

(A special thanks to GOP consultant Scott Jennings for the idea for this post. Follow Scott on Twitter here.)