Two months after ending his presidential bid, Rick Santorum has announced his new venture — a conservative outside group called “Patriot Voices.”

The move was announced in a video e-mailed to 300,000 Santorum supporters.

The former Pennsylvania senator spoke at CPAC Chicago on Friday, where he said he would campaign for a number of candidates this fall, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney included.

But he said he has a “dual mission” — to help Romney get elected and to keep pressure from the right on his former primary rival.

“One of the things that we found as we traveled around the country is that people came up to me a lot and said I was out there speaking about things that gave voice to their concerns and a lot of issues,” Santorum told Fox News earlier in the day. “We wanted to put together an organization that reflected those voices.”

A statement on the Patriot Voices’ Web site says the goal is to “mobilize one million conservatives around this country who are committed to promoting faith, family, freedom and opportunity.”

The group, organized as a nonprofit 501(c)4, will be run by longtime Santorum aide Nadine Maenza. Santorum has also taken over the Red, White & Blue Fund, a super PAC that supported his bid.

The social conservative may be laying the groundwork for a future presidential run. Forming his own group that can raise money for various candidates would help him build support across the country.