Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign misspelled the word “America” on its new iPhone app, and it’s already paying a price for it.

In the app, the phrase “A Better America” is misspelled “A Better Amercia.” The misspelling was picked up and tweeted widely Tuesday night, soon spawned a hashtag-driven Twitter meme in which people imagined just what Amercia stood for and what kind of policies Romney had planned for Amercia.

The Romney campaign told The Fix that it had submitted a corrected version of the app to Apple, which has to approve the update.

Here’s a sampling of the reaction:

Will Mitt Romney apologize for Amercia?

— Ben Jacobs (@benhjacobs) May 30, 2012

Does @MittRomney believe in #Amercia-n exceptionalism?

— Patrick Stevenson (@stevensonpj) May 30, 2012

In the new Romney iPhone app, America is misspelled. h/t @thischoi #Amercia

— Jared Keller (@jaredbkeller) May 30, 2012


— Brett Sandusky (@bsandusky) May 30, 2012