A super PAC supporting Texas Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has posted a series of humorous — if crude — web videos of impersonators sending up Paul’s GOP opponents.

The videos, from a group called “Endorse Liberty,” feature impersonators of Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry reacting to their performances in Tuesday’s Iowa caucuses.

The Romney character brags about having bought peoples’ votes in Iowa, and Santorum’s character blames his eight-vote loss on terrorists while wielding what appears to be a rocket-launcher and pledging to “nuke Iowa — right after we nuke Iran.”

“Any person, place or thing — any noun, really — that starts with an ‘I’ sound is an enemy to American Exceptionalism and should be nuked,” the faux Santorum says. “That means you, Ikea. You’re next.”

The impressions are short and generally decent. The Romney character is a little scary looking but does a good job mimicking the former Massachusetts governor’s speech patterns, and Gingrich’s impersonator keeps saying “nominee” in such a way that you can imagine the candidate himself saying it.

Endorse Liberty earlier this week went up with a longer video featuring its Romney impersonator. The video has gotten 180,000 views since New Year’s Day.

Below are the new videos, for your viewing pleasure.

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