Ron Paul just did Mitt Romney another favor.

The Texas congressman, who throughout the campaign has given Romney a series of assists, is now shunning the media’s coverage of and Romney’s opponents’ reaction to the controversy over a Romney adviser’s Etch a Sketch comments.

A new web video from Paul’s campaign features video of the aide, Eric Fehrnstrom, along with footage of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum wielding Etch A Sketches on the campaign trail in an effort to attack Romney.

Following the Etch a Sketch footage and clips of the media talking about the issue, the words “$15 trillion in debt” flash on the screen, followed by “12 million unemployed” and “a country at war.”

Finally, the screen shows the words, “Tired of the games?” and pitches Paul as the antidote to silly campaign stunts.

But the real beneficiary of the ad is Romney, who again has Paul backing him up when it matters most.