Scott Walker raises $5 million and puts out a harsh new ad, Joe Walsh talks about minorities and the Democratic party, Jesse Kelly won’t commit to John Boehner and Rob Portman is going to sit down with Israel’s PM.

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* Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has raised $5 million since April 24 for the state’s June 5 recall election, bringing his total haul to $30 million. The governor is out with a searing new ad that suggests Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) was complicit in the cover-up violent crimes in his city, highlighting the severe beating of a two-year-old girl. A Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel investigation found that since 2009, more than 500 aggravated assaults in the city were misreported by police as minor assaults and not included in the city's violent crime rate. Barrett called it a “sleazy attack” and “desperate.”

* At a recent town hall meeting, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) said Democrats wants minorities to be dependent on handouts. “The Democratic Party promises groups of people everything,” he said. “They want the Hispanic vote; they wanted Hispanics to be dependent upon government, just like they got African-Americans dependent upon government. That’s their game. Jesse Jackson would be out of work if they weren’t dependent upon government.”

* The jury in the trial of former Democratic senator and presidential candidate John Edwards has finished a full seven days of deliberations without reaching a verdict. The judge met with lawyers behind closed doors today to talk about a problem with one juror, and tensions in the jury room have been rising.


* Jesse Kelly (R), who faces Ron Barber (D) in a June 12 special election for the seat vacated by Gabrielle Giffords (D), was noncommittal when asked whether he would back Republican House leadership. “It depends on who is running,” he told Roll Call. Barber was similarly coy when asked if he would back Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

* Brad Harriman, the Democratic nominee for Illinois’ 11th congressional district, has dropped out of the race for medical reasons. Rep. Jerry Costello (D) is retiring; Jason Plummer is the Republican nominee. Democratic county chairmen in the district will pick a replacement candidate.

* Patriot Majority USA, a Democratic PAC, is on the air with a $100,000 week-long ad buy targeting Sen. Dean Heller (R-Nev.). The ad focuses on Heller’s past career as a stockbroker, saying “he votes like he still works for Wall Street.”

* Potential VP candidate and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman (R) will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday during a trip to Israel. Portman sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee and was U.S. Trade Representative under George W. Bush.


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