Texas homebuilder Bob Perry, who came to national prominence during the 2004 campaign for helping fund the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, donated $3 million in February to Restore Our Future, a super PAC supporting former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

Perry’s donation accounted for nearly half of the $6.4 million raised by Restore Our Future last month. The group spent nearly twice as much as it raised and had $10.5 million in the bank as of March 1.

Restore Our Future filed its financial report with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday.

Restore Our Future has been the best-funded super PAC in the country so far this election cycle, and it has contributed to Romney’s major financial advantage in nearly every primary so far on the GOP presidential contest.

Its February report shows it spent $12.2 million in February — slightly less than it shelled out in January. February didn’t include as many important contests, and Romney’s campaign lost momentum for a spell in the middle of the month. The super PAC raised just slightly less than it did in January, when it pulled in $6.6 million.

Perry has contributed to many Republican causes over the years, including the top GOP super PAC supporting House and Senate candidates, American Crossroads, to the tune of $7 million last election cycle. He previously gave $1 million to Romney’s super PAC in 2011 and also contributed $100,000 to the top super PAC supporting Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

But he is best known for his funding of Swift Boats, a group that ran ads questioning Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s (D) military credentials during the 2004 presidential election. Even Democrats now acknowledge the group’s effectiveness in undermining a seeming strength of Kerry’s campaign.

In the 2004 campaign, Perry gave nearly $4.5 million to the Swift Boat group. His contributions to Romney are approaching that number.

Dan Eggen contributed to this report.