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The best political Tumblrs

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Tumblr is a new thing in the political world.

Even the most tech-savvy campaigns are still learning about this rapidly-growing blogging tool.

Take Stephanie Cutter, the deputy campaign manager for President Obama’s reelection bid, who in a web video released earlier this week had this to say about Tumblr: “I keep hearing about Tumblr. Whatever that is, please use it too.”

But, Tumblr is starting to gain real momentum in the culture at large — particularly among young(er) people — and any time that happens politicians and their staffs will be quick to try to capi­tal­ize. So, President Obama’s reelection bid already has a Tumblr. So does the Republican National Committee.

After our call-out for the best political Tumblrs earlier this week, we quickly learned that there are two basic types of Tumblrs: meme-based one like Ron Paul Swanson (our personal favorite) that function as sort mashups of pictures and quotes and more blog-like Tumblrs like those run by the Obama campaign and the RNC.

(We also learned that there is a VERY loyal group of people on Tumblr who detest meme-based Tumblrs.)

Because Tumblr is a relatively new thing in politics, there is a relative dearth of great ones (and most of them are meme-based.) There is also a sort of frontier/Wild West ethic that govern Tumblrs so some of the recommendations we got from readers were a little more racy than the typical fare for this blog. (If we had to give ourselves an overall content rating, we would go with PG-13.) To be clear: We do not endorse the ideological views expressed in these Tumblrs or the language used in them.

Our full list — generated entirely from reader submissions — is below. If you are looking for a good place to start, check out the politics tag on Tumblr and the Tumblr politics spotlight. Both make for good entrance points into the still-newish world of political Tumblrs.


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