Starting today, “Behind the Numbers” — the Washington Post’s terrific polling blog — will fold its political content into the Fix.

We are thrilled to welcome the Post’s polling unit (Jon Cohen, Peyton Craighill and Scott Clement) into our space. (Make sure to follow that trio on Twitter @postpolls.)

In truth, The Fix posse and the polling unit already work in very close coordination — so wrapping their great political stuff into the Fix to bring our readers an even more comprehensive political experience made all the sense in the world.

What does this change mean for Fixistas? You’ll be seeing more bylines from Jon, Peyton and Scott as well as lots more polling content — both from the monthly national poll the Post conducts with ABC News as well as more frequent, smaller surveys conducted with the Pew Research Center and other groups.

You’ll start reaping the rewards of our newfound partnership quickly; tomorrow we’ll have all the exit polling data from the Wisconsin recall in this space.

So, let’s give a big Fix welcome to the Post polling team. Mi casa es su casa. And all that.