The deputies were running the asylum (a.k.a. The Fix Live chat) Friday morning, with The Fix boss out on paternity leave.

Make sure to check out the full transcript here.

Below are some of the highlights:

Q: Condi for VP?

Okay, Aaron. Is this a real story or a trial balloon floated by the Romney campaign to change the subject from the Bain mess? And if it is the real deal, what are the pros and cons of Dr. Rice as the pick?

A: Aaron Blake :

I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but this is a great time for there to be speculation about Romney picking an African-American woman as his vice president. It’s cable news kibble (and we’ve weighed in on that as well).

I don’t really see a downside for the Romney campaign in having this story out there, apart from the fact that Rice has demonstrated some pro-abortion rights leanings, and there’s some open question that she might have voted for Obama in 2008. The base might not be happy about that. We went through all the evidence a couple weeks back, and we’re very skeptical.

Fun story, though!

Q: Veep announcement

What’s your gut say--Romney announces before or after the Olympics? It has to be after, right?

A: Aaron Blake :

I’m not sure what he gets out of announcing it well before the convention unless they really want a good news story. The more time a VP is known, the more time there is to vet him or her. My guess is we learn about it pretty close to the convention, so the convention can get excited about it.

And don’t kid yourself: Romney’s camp doesn’t mind all the ongoing speculation about his VP. It keeps him in the news for non-Bain reasons.

Q: Santorum for Romney

1. Over/Under of sweater vest jokes when they speak is 2.5. What ya got? 2. Is hanging out with such a social conservative really the best strategy for Romney to win swing voters in swing states?

A: Aaron Blake :

The Santorum sweater vest joke is getting as old as the Rahm-Emanuel-is-vulgar joke and the John-Boehner-smokes-and-is-tan joke. I think it’s time we retired it, and let the man’s arms breathe in peace.

Q: 2012 Olympic Team

It is completely laughable to suggest that the 2012 Olympic Basketball team could even come close to the 1992 Dream Team

A: Aaron Blake :

I tend to think that athletes just keep getting better, so I don’t think this is far-fetched. I may be in the minority here, but I think Clayton Kershaw would strike out Babe Ruth. I think Kobe and Durant could take MJ and Bird.

But now I’m going to get hate mail.