Ever since we starting writing this blog — six years ago! — we’ve wanted to try to go longer, bigger and deeper with our thoughts, theories and flights of fancy about the great passion of our life: politics.

About a year ago we finally made the leap, signing a book deal with Random House to turn out a book that did just that. Today that book — “The Gospel According to the Fix” — goes on sale!

You can buy a paperback edition or read it on your Kindle. You can also check out excerpts here, here and here.

Among the other highlights (in our mind) of the “Gospel”:

* Why candidates who have no chance of winning still run for president.

* Why Congress doesn’t work — and five ways to fix it.

* The 10 best negative ads in campaign history.

* A 2016 politicall All-Star team.

* A profile of the woman who could be the next Hillary Clinton.

Writing the book — like writing this blog — was a labor of love. We hope when you read it — and you will read it, right? — you get a sense for the passion and humor we bring to covering the highest stakes game of all.

Thanks, as always, for your support of this blog, our journalism and, hopefully, “The Gospel According to the Fix”.