Democrats — from President Obama on down — have spent months worrying (publicly and privately) that the massive influx of cash to Republican-aligned super PACs could create a massive inequality in spending over the final months of the 2012 campaign.

Those fears are now well on their way to being realized as Republican super PACs continue to rake in sums well in excess of what their Democratic counterparts are collecting.

The Sunlight Foundation, which does great things with data visualization, did the math and graphed out the total amount of itemized — $200 and above — contributions to Democratic and Republican aligned super PACS since the start of 2011.

Here’s their chart:

Republican super PACs have brought in $228 million since January 2011 while Democratic super PACs have collected $80 million in that time. The Fix is no math major but that’s roughly a three to one advantage for conservatives.

That chasm is even more consequential when you consider that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee ended June with $170 million in the bank as compared to $144 million for President Obama and the Democratic National Committee.

It’s now an absolute certainty that Republicans — from Romney’s campaign to the RNC to super PACs — will outspend the Democratic combined money efforts between now and November 6. The only question that remains is how wide that gap will be — and whether it will be determinative in the final outcome.