Rep. Todd Akin’s Missouri Senate campaign is up with one of the head-scratchingest ads of the 2012 — or any other — election.

Akin, who is running in Show Me State’s GOP Senate primary next week, tries to play up his Christian conservatism in the new ad. But whatever message he was going for gets completely lost in conservative buzzwords and run-on sentences.

Have a look for yourself:

Yes, we know D.C. reporters are not the intended audience for this ad. But, at issue is not Akin’s message — it’s that the ad simply doesn’t have one.

Take the first sentence of the commercial. “America was founded on the unique vision that our creator gave us life, the foundation of freedom, liberty, to speak as you choose and own what you earn, and the pursuit of happiness, the call to fully and courageously live the dream God puts in our hearts,” says Akin. Um, what?

It doesn’t get much less jumbled from there. (And yes, we know that The Fix occasionally engages in a run-on sentence or two. But we aren’t writing 30-second TV ads.)

The ad’s creator, GOP media consultant Rex Elsass, said the ad is merely a web preview of a TV ad that will debut Tuesday.

“This was a web ad for a narrow cast audience,” he said. “I’m confident you will see the wisdom in the broadcast ad which will be unveiled in the morning. It will all make sense.”

Akin, who has held the 2nd district since 2000, was once considered a favorite for the nomination to face Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) but he seems to be fighting an uphill battle against businessman John Brunner and former state Treasurer Sarah Steelman.