Every week from now through when decide to stop doing it, we will total up what presidential campaigns and super PACs are spending on ads and where they’re spending it, using numbers from a Republican media buyer.

Despite the fact that the New Hampshire primary happened this week, almost all the television ad spending in the race came in South Carolina.

But one candidate is spending in the state all this week. Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman has no ad dollars on the table, and Our Destiny Fund, the super PAC supporting him, has spent only $28,686.

Huntsman focused exclusively on New Hampshire for the past few months and invested heavily in the state, only to place third on Tuesday. Now he’s campaigning in South Carolina, but not with any cash. That could change: the campaign is asking supporters in an email to help raise $100,000 to air the “Country First” ad in the Palmetto State.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, meanwhile, dominates the spending race in South Carolina and is also the only candidate spending money in Florida, which holds its primary on Jan. 31st.

Here’s our full list of who’s spending what where.


* Jon Huntsman $28,070 + Our Destiny PAC: $53,221 = total pro-Huntsman spending of $81,291

* Ron Paul: $73,129

* Rick Santorum: $6,432

Total: $160,852


* Jon Huntsman $0 + Our Destiny PAC $28,686 = total pro-Huntsman spending of $28,686

* Ron Paul $271,382 + Santa Rita PAC $175,505 = total pro-Paul spending of $466,887

* Rick Perry $382,499 + Make Us Great Again $48,294 = total pro-Perry spending of $430,793

* Newt Gingrich $148,808 + Winning Our Future $734,325 = total pro-Gingrich spending of $883,133

* Mitt Romney $418,435 + Restore Our Future $1,026,071 + Citizens for a Working America $94,756 = total pro-Romney spending of $1,529,262

* Rick Santorum $354,202 + Red White and Blue Fund $321,729 = pro-Santorum spending of $675,931

Total: $4,014,692


* Mitt Romney $1,080,021 + Restore Our Future $1,169,745 = total pro-Romney spending of $2,249,766

Total: $2,249,766