The Fix, as anyone who has followed the blog for more than five minutes knows, loves lists. Rankings, winners and losers, top 10s — we just can’t get enough.

And so, we thought it made sense to formalize our love of lists a bit. Today we launch the first of what we hope will be a series of Fix Lists (#FixList on Twitter) that provide an ever-expanding resource for the political junkies of the world.

Our model for the Fix Lists is the best state-based political blogs list we have been maintaining for the last few years. We combine what we know with the collective Fix Hive Mind (kind of like the Borg or Cylons) to put together a useful tool for all of us who can rightly be described as a little too into politics.

With the Iowa caucuses only five days away — goosebumps! — we thought it made sense to kick off the Fix List project with a list of the must-follow Iowa political tweeters. You can check out who made the list below or follow them all with a simple click of a button.

What other Fix Lists do you want to see? This is as much your project as it is ours so let your voice be heard either a) in the blog comments section b) on Twitter (@thefix) c) on Facebook.


@TimAlbrechtIA - Tim Albrecht, Gov. Terry Branstad (R)’s communications director
@TomBeaumont — Tom Beaumont, AP reporter in Des Moines
@SteveDeaceShow- Steve Deace, conservative radio host
@desmoinesdem— Bleeding Heartland, a Democratic Iowa blog
@sgrubbs— Steve Grubbs, Republican strategist
- Tim Hagle, Political Science professor at the University of Iowa
@SCJBretH— Bret Hayworth, reporter for the Sioux City Journal
- Jennifer Jacobs, Des Moines Register reporter
@KObradovich — Kathie Obradovich, Des Moines Register columnist
@IowaGOPer— Craig Robinson of
@VoteMattSchultz — Matt Schultz, Iowa Secretary of State, Rick Santorum supporter
@mattstrawn — Matt Strawn, Iowa GOP chairman


@bowmama — Sarah Bowman, blogger and Santorum supporter
@JasonClayworth — Jason Clayworth, DMR reporter
@KevinCooneyKCCI— Kevin Cooney, KCCI reporter
@johndeeth — John Deeth, Iowa City progressive blogger
@suedvorsky — Sue Dvorsky, Iowa Democratic Party chairwoman
@GoldenDomeBlog — Under the Golden Dome
@greghauenstein — Greg Hauenstein, Iowa Democratic strategist
@smg_lynch — James Lynch,
@GrantMRodgers — Grant Rodgers, DMR intern
@eSchettler — Emily Schettler, Iowa City Press-Citizen reporter
@jstineman— John Stineman, GOP strategist
@AdamBSullivan — Adam Sullivan, The Daily Iowan editor

@EdTibbetts — Ed Tibbetts, Quad-City Times reporter

Who are the other must-follow tweeters for news about the Iowa caucuses? Help us complete our list by telling us about them on Twitter using the hashtag #FixList (Don’t forget to include their Twitter handle).

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