A new Pew Research Center survey finds that voters are increasingly divided — and not just in the ways they used to be. A growing number of Americans does not identify with either political party, and those voters are not just “moderates” in the middle. They’re all over the map, sometimes holding stronger ideological positions than the people on either end of the spectrum.

So, Pew has come up with new political typologies for every type of voter, along with a quiz that matches you with your typology. Below are all the types, their defining features and the percent of adult Americans they represent.

* Staunch Conservatives take extremely conservative positions on nearly all issues. They are highly engaged in politics and highly religious. (9%)

* Main Street Republicans are still conservative on most issues, but less so. They are less enamored of business than staunch conservatives and more supportive of government efforts to protect the environment. They also prefer a less aggressive foreign policy. (11%)

* Libertarians are secular and liberal on social issues but very critical of government and very supportive of business. They are more moderate on immigration than other Republican-oriented groups. (9%)

* Disaffecteds are financially stressed, pessimistic, and politically cynical. They lean Republican but break from the party on government support for the poor. They distrust both government and business and are skeptical about immigrants. (11%)

* Post-Moderns are very liberal on social issues and more supportive of government than libertarians. They support environmental and business regulations. They are more accepting of homosexuality than most Democrats and support immigration rights. However, they are conservative on racial issues and the social safety net. (13 %)

* New Coalition Democrats are highly religious and financially stressed. They support government generally but are divided on the size of the social safety net. They are racially diverse and pro-immigration, bu they are conservative on social issues. (10%)

* Hard-Pressed Democrats are blue-collar, financially stressed, and cynical about government but even more cynical about business. They are socially conservative, anti-immigration and very religious. They support environmental protection in general but fear the economic impact of new regulations. (13%)

* Solid Liberals are politically engaged, strongly pro-government and socially liberal. They support an expanded social safety net and are pro-immigration. They are not very religious. (14%)

* Bystanders are people who are ineligible to vote or uninterested in voting. They are racially diverse and lean Democratic in their views (10%)

Take the quiz and then tell us in the comments where you landed (and whether you think it’s accurate).