Over the last 30 days, the Republican presidential race has been going great guns with a series of states voting, millions being spent and the candidates trading blows on a moment-by-moment basis.

And yet, for all the attention the GOP candidates have drawn, it pales in comparison to the interest directed at President Obama, according to a breakdown of searches conducted over the last month by Google.

Those searching for Obama has consistently soared far above the Republican field. Of course, Obama does happen to be the sitting president of the United States and, as such, whenever he says or does anything, he makes news. So that lots of people are searching for him is not all that surprising.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum was the most searched among the GOP candidates for most of the last 30 days although former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney’s search traffic spiked recently.

One other interesting note: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is on life support — at least as far as search is concerned. He spent the last 30 days virtually flat-lined in terms of search interest.