Our post comparing Texas Rep. Ron Paul to the Butler Bulldogs on Tuesday elicited plenty of debate in the Twitterverse — some of it supportive and some of it offering competing analogies.

One tweep noted that, not only is Paul like Butler, but he will also “ultimately be beat by a ‘team’ that people see as elitist, very wealthy, and from the Northeast.” (Hint: Mitt Romney)

Another said that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is really more like Butler, because he actually had a shot at winning the nomination, which Paul didn’t and doesn’t.

Which got us thinking: If each presidential candidate were a sports team, which sports team would he be? Which is where you come in.

Below, we ask for your ideas about which candidate is like which team — college, pro, fictional ... whatever.

Make sure to justify your responses, and be sure to keep it clean. (We know you will.)

Also, we encourage everyone to take to Twitter and use the hashtag #FixTeams.

All responses should be in by noon eastern time on Thursday, at which point we will choose the best entries.

Let the debate begin!