We devoted our “Monday Fix” column in the Post to an exploration of whether 2012 is the year that a serious third party presidential candidate emerges.

Polling suggests that voters are deeply unhappy about how things are working in Washington and don’t see either party addressing the problems. And, there are a number of well-funded groups seeking to build the technical aspects of a bid — most notably winning ballot access in all of the major states for a third party.

The biggest problem? There’s no candidate who seems willing to step up to the plate and run.

New York City Michael Bloomberg is regularly mentioned but if he didn’t run when the presidency was open why would he run against President Obama in 2012?

Donald Trump is not a serious person — as proven by his focus on the birther issue when he was flirting with a bid for president as a Republican — and his latest interest in the race seems more about publicity than politics.

Who is our ideal third party candidate for 2012? Post your nominations in the comments section below and we’ll add the most commonly mentioned names to this post.