Like that mysterious Valentine’s Day chocolate with God-knows-what inside, Americans are wondering what Callista Gingrich is all about.

The good news is that they’re about to find out more.


And we’re guessing Gingrich’s comments Monday that he and Callista are going to “reconnect a little bit” for Valentine’s Day tonight (um, TMI) is only likely to increase her lead.

Some of this undoubtedly has to do with Callista’s portrayal on “Saturday Night Live” 10 days ago in a skit sending up Newt’s moon colony proposal.

Of course, that wasn’t a flattering portrayal of Callista, whose public image isn’t a terribly sympathetic one right now. Remember: popularity doesn’t equal favorability.

At the very least, though, there is interest in getting to know her this Valentine’s Day, and America is going to get what it wants.