A sign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker hangs on a statue in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol on March 10, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Today in Wisconsin, six Republican state senators are standing in recall elections triggered by a fight earlier this year over a bill that stripped unions of their collective bargaining rights.

At stake is control of the state Senate; Republicans currently hold a 19- to-14 seat edge, meaning that if Democrats pick up three seats on Tuesday, they take control of the chamber.

(Make sure to read our primer on how we got here in Wisconsin and what to expect tonight. You can also read our take on the national impact the results will have.)

For today’s Fix prediction contest, we want to know whether you think Democrats capture the majority and which specific races they win to do so. Our tie-breaker: The exact percentages for state Sen. Alberta Darling (R) and state Rep. Sandy Pasch (D) in what many people believe will be the race that decides the majority.

Leave your predictions — 1. Who controls the state Senate after tonight 2. What specific seats change hands and 3. The exact percentages of the Darling-Pasch race — in the comment section below.

Whoever comes closest to the pin wins an official Fix t-shirt. Polls close at 9 pm eastern time in Wisconsin so you have to have your prediction in the comments section by that time. Any predictions not made in the comments section won’t be eligible to win the t-shirt.

Predict away!

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