President Obama has had a very tough week — from the public’s less-than-thrilled reaction to the debt deal to the Dow plunging more than 500 points to the decision by Standard & Poor’s late Friday to downgrade the nation’s credit.

Given all of that, he was the runaway winner of our “Worst Week in Washington” award.

An excerpt from the piece, which runs in Sunday’s paper, is below.

Several national polls suggested that more Americans disapproved than approved of the debt deal, particularly among the electorally critical independents whom Obama and his political team have been targeting for months.

The news in the states wasn’t much better. New polling data out of Pennsylvania and Florida - two 2012 swing states - suggested that Obama was losing altitude, with a majority of voters in each state offering a negative review of the job he has done in office.

Then there was the low but ominous rumble of the stock market, which had been steadily dropping throughout the week. On Thursday it exploded - maybe imploded is the better word - and fell more than 500 points, the largest single-day point decline since late 2008.

Less than 24 hours later came the July jobs report, showing that, even though the economy added more jobs than expected, the unemployment rate remains stuck stubbornly above 9 percent.

The icing on the cake for Obama was that he turned 50 on Thursday, making him eligible to be a full member of AARP. (Yay! Wait ...)