Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe is a trained pilot.

That fact makes it all the more baffling why Inhofe landed a six-seat Cessna plane on a closed runway at a small airport in south Texas late last year.

Inhofe’s, um, un­or­tho­dox landing caused chaos on the runway as he “skyhopped” over a half dozen vehicles before coming to a stop. (The report on the incident from the Federal Aviation Administration surfaced this past week.)

As we write in our Sunday column in the Post:

Inhofe’s antics “scared the crap out of” his workers, [construction worker Syndey] Boyd said, adding that one man who was in a vehicle nearly hit by Inhofe’s plane “wet his britches.” There’s an image for you, Senator.

Jim Inhofe, you had the “Worst Week in Washington”. Congrats, or something.