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He served longer than two other Obama officials, too.

Republicans didn't succeed in thwarting Hagel's nomination, but that doesn't mean the whole exercise was a bust.

Precious few days remain until sequestration begins. Chuck Hagel's confirmation vote is this week. And a famous American will be honored this week with a statue in the U.S. Capitol.

Whatever chance Chuck Hagel's detractors had of bringing him down, it appears to have gone by the wayside.

A new Pew poll shows the political toll the past month has taken on defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel. Still, it probably doesn't matter all that much in the long term.

Chuck Hagel should be confirmed next week unless one of these three things happens.

The South Carolina senator said that President Obama's defense secretary nominee did not recall making an alleged comment about Israel and the State Department.

How did we get to this point where people can filibuster without actually, well, filibustering?

The sketch comedy show spoofs the Senate confirmation hearing that President Obama's defense secretary nominee recently faced.

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