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The more New Yorkers moved to Florida, the more Republican the state became.

Democrats will stick with Obamacare and face a turnout battle - but we already knew both of those.

Florida's 2010 Democratic gubernatorial nominee doesn't hold back when talking about the former governor's prospects.

"Will the governor be able to go out and defend it once he hits the campaign trail? We'll have to see," the conservative former congressman said in an interview.

The former Republican governor tweeted a picture of his new voter registration form from the White House Christmas Party.

A Florida judge on Friday denied Rep. Allen West's (R-Fla.) request to recount ballots in St. Lucie County, dealing another setback to the congressman's effort to overcome an apparent defeat in last Tuesday's election.

He trails by more than 2,000 votes with basically every vote counted, but his campaign is threatening to sue.

The last state in the 2012 presidential race has been called, with the AP projecting that Florida will go narrowly for President Obama.

The race remains tight in the Sunshine State.

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