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Raising rates on wealthy tax payers is a popular approach to dealing with the country’s budgetary woes. But two other proposals that may be central to a deal averting a “fiscal cliff” draw decidedly less public support.

  • Jon Cohen, Peyton M. Craighill and Aaron Blake
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  • Nov 28, 2012
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The race remains tight in the Sunshine State.

House Democrats say they are very happy that Paul Ryan is the GOP vice presidential nominee. Should they be?

By a 50 percent to 35 percent margin, seniors say they like Paul Ryan, despite Democratic attacks on his Medicare plan.

Romney's campaign has made a point of emphasizing where it differs from Ryan on Medicare. It's all to create a clearer contrast with President Obama.

In a new ad, Romney launches a Medicare attack against Obama.

GOP Senate candidates offer mixed reactions when asked whether they want to campaign with Rep. Paul Ryan, but some in tough races say 'come on down.'