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Democrats talked a big game this year about winning back the House, but there's a chance they could actually lose ground on Tuesday.

Ohio is the state that both President Obama and Mitt Romney covet. And today we are moving it from "lean Obama" to "tossup".

  • Chris Cillizza and Aaron Blake
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  • Nov 1, 2012
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A new poll shows the race within the margin of error, and the GOP super PAC American Crossroads is going up with ads to backstop Deb Fischer.

A new poll shows the race within the margin of error, and Obama's campaign is spending half a million dollars in the Twin Cities media market.

Elizabeth Warren (D) has seized most of the momentum in this race. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) can still win, but to do it he'll have to reverse current trends.

Our latest race ratings show the battle for the House is largely unchanged with less than three weeks to go.

While the presidential map is decidedly smaller than in any recent election, the maps for the House and Senate are actually growing. So what gives?

The Fix updates our ratings in 11 key House races.

Despite some chatter on the campaign trail about President Obama playing in red Arizona and Mitt Romney going after blue Pennsylvania, it's highly unlikely that either state will play much of a factor in who wins the election.

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