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It's not a standardized test. It's a quirk of Silver State elections. And it's here to stay.

There are a series of fights over who can vote and when. A state-by-state look.

Bisexuals identify more closely with political independents compared to gay men and lesbians.

New York City could add 800,000 non-citizens to the voter rolls.

Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe (D) vetoed a voter ID measure Monday. What do the laws in the other 49 states look like?

Turnout was about 131 million four years ago. It looks like it was about 129 million in 2012.

Election Day isn't even here yet, but already, voting-related issues have popped up in several swing states.

The country's Hispanic population is growing rapidly. What does that mean for the electorate?

There is no major statewide action in Bay State, but there are some congressional races worth watching.

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