Mitt Romney's staffer in charge of signs must have been relieved last night. The podium of the candidate who swept all five primaries last night and all lingering doubt about his inevitability were festooned with "A Better America Starts Tonight." One wonders had things not gone quite as well whether they had a backup, like, "A Better America Starts After The California Primary."

Mitt, take a bow. You won ugly, but you won. Now, your pivot can begin. You had a good line last night, a variation on a theme I've complimented before: "Barack Obama has done the best he can, but America hasn't done the best we can." I like that as a frame. You should stick with it. It gives people who still like President Obama a reason for not voting for him.

But your problem has never been the frame. With the economy still spinning to get out of the ditch in our slow-motion recovery, almost any frame will get 49 percent of the vote. 

It's that last 1 percent of pesky voters who want to see what's in the frame. That's the real 1 percent Mitt has to worry about, and so far they don't like his anti-immigration, anti-Planned Parenthood, pro-tax cuts for the wealthy platform.

In truth, a better America didn't start last night, but maybe a better campaign did.