Nothing changed much tonight. Voters don't think much of Vice President Biden, and they don't know much about Rep. Paul Ryan. That status quo was maintained during this debate.

Biden was passionate — and at times, he bordered on emotional. Ryan had a good command of facts, which he deployed without looking like a jerk.

Biden’s “been there, done that” attitude added credibility . . . whether right or wrong. Ryan projected a “try something new” approach that was appealing.

Ryan’s demeanor was more respectful than was Biden’s constant smirks, and Ryan projects a maturity beyond his years. He cemented his position as a heavyweight. But Biden was certainly better than President Obama last week.

As this Insider has repeatedly said, the vice presidential nominee doesn't drive any votes. Tonight's debate will sustain that truth. By the end of the debate, only faithful political junkies were still tuned in. This debate didn't change anything.