As I follow the RNC convention this week, I'll try to post some interesting, off-beat things I come across like this one. Interesting take on Tampa's apparently large red light district and a warning to would- be Republican revelers not to get caught out.

On a more serious matter, I have a new and disturbing metaphor for the campaign: a bull-fight. The electorate is the bull, and Obama is the matador. He is assisted by the banderilleros, picadors and sword servants from his campaign.  Their job is to wear down the bull, so the matador's odds are increased. But the danger comes when the bull realizes that despite the sticks of the picadors and the distraction of the cape, the real enemy is indeed the matador.

This is my worry. That the electorate is worn down now and distracted. But as the fight wears on and their thoughts return to the state of the economy, they will remember the matador.