There is a lot of fawning media coverage of President Obama's new support for gay marriage. There is serious discussion of how he "evolved," and there are serious timelines being prepared by the Obama apologencia that earnestly track his "evolution." The only problem is they don't put "evolution" in quotation marks to highlight the cynical doubts that Obama's conversion deserves.  There is every reason to believe that this decision was made because Obama thinks it serves his current selfish political interests. He characterizes his politically expedient flip-flop as a theological "evolution."  The reality is, his political trajectory has stalled and he "evolved" into a desperate political situation.  

The path to his final "evolution" and telling the truth about how he really feels about gay marriage don’t just reveal his changed thinking, it perfectly matches his political needs at every step of his ambitious career.  Let's pause before we do any planning for an expansion to the eventual Obama monument on the Mall.  

Reality check: Obama manipulated gay voters, kept them at a distance and hoped they would settle for the occasional wink and a nod. But he has found himself in a campaign with dwindling enthusiasm and a narrowing electoral map; he needs this group's enthusiastic support and high turnout in November.  

Even so, it took Vice President Biden's moment of honesty to force the president's hand. Obama did this because he needed to, not because he wanted to.

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