Carter is right — Romney won the week. As I have repeatedly said, he is the candidate that’s consistently hitting fairways and greens, while others are shanking them out of bounds, or even driving the cart into a hazard. 

This week was packed with a lot of relevant political movement. So much happened that much of it seems long ago. Remember the Cain sexual harassment headlines? Those have been diminished, but are still current. 

Then there was the downgrading of Bill Daley as White House Chief of Staff, Tuesday’s off-year elections, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and the Perry debacle at the GOP debate.

Perry’s brain freeze has been re-aired and talked about excessively, but some in the media will shamelessly exploit anything they can to attract eyeballs. 

While Romney won the week because of his own steadiness and the foibles of his opponents, it’s worth mentioning that the voter’s desire for change grows every day that President Obama dithers on the economy.

In 51 weeks, there will be a referendum on how Obama is handling the economy. If that referendum starts going bad for Obama, voters will look back and make sure that the alternative clears the bar, that he or she is not frightening, and is credible. The bad news for Obama is that Romney would clear the bar and be particularly credible on economic issues. The fight for the GOP nomination is a long way away, and a lot will happen between now and the primaries. That said, if the nominee were Romney, he would offer a vivid contrast on economic growth and job creation. Obama will try to use Romney’s private sector experience against him, yet it will be obvious to voters what a university faculty lounge has produced in the way of economic stewardship.

The week was good for the GOP, and it was good for Romney.