It appears Romney is coasting.  In fact, he’s in danger of having raised expectations during the last 36 hours of the campaign.  Romney shouldn’t appear to be too carefree.  And his campaign personnel shouldn’t be supplying “anatomy of the victory” stories.  Romney still has vulnerabilities, and his biggest vulnerability today is an insufficient win tomorrow. 

If tomorrow is a double-digit win, February looks good for Romney. Anything less than that, and the Romney campaign has some explaining to do. But now it’s done, we all just have to wait.  Tomorrow night’s results will tell us a lot about the future of the GOP. 

Carter made a good point in chastising the Romney operatives for taking credit for Romney’s likely victory. This was both dangerous and unflattering for Romney. It served no purpose, but it did remind me of a Lee Atwater story. I remember encouraging Lee to participate in a couple of the books that were being written about the 1988 campaign.  He insisted he didn’t want to take the time to talk to the writers.  I remember telling Lee that he would come out better in the books if he participated while they were being written. His answer was simple, “Look Ed, if Bush wins, I’m going to look fine in all the books; if Bush doesn’t win, I ain’t gonna look fine. Period.” 

It wouldn’t hurt for operatives everywhere to remember this lesson.