Interesting weekend in the presidential race. New economic numbers came out Friday, which show slower growth. Good news for Romney. (Interesting that the news fit the fractal theory, which predicts all economic news will be ambivalent. Thus, growth down, but consumer spending up.)

Obama campaign goes all in with a Clinton video touting the current president's gutsy judgment to get Osama, as well as a network interview allowing access to the situation room. This strikes some as tacky, but it’s reminiscent of George W. Bush. The former president used the picture of himself and the firefighters at Ground Zero prominently in his campaign advertising and also took gas for it. Advantage: Obama because Osama is gone.

The president was really charming and funny, as usual, at the White House Correspondents' Dinner — Washington's version of the Oscars. Not sure the crowd is ready for eight years of Romney presiding over this affair— maybe Obama could appoint himself permanent master-of-ceremonies whatever the election outcome. Advantage: Obama.

The final observation from the weekend really shocked me.  Buried at the end of an article about Romney attacking Obama's economic policies was this quote from Romney:

"My generation will never pay it back," Romney said of the national debt in a meeting with college students. "We'll be dead and gone. That interest gets paid by you guys."  

This is really an amazing statement. It is a total abdication of responsibility, and while it is consistent with Romney's ridiculous tax and debt policies, I don't think I've ever heard it put so bluntly. "My generation will never pay it back."  Incredible!

It begs the question: Why the hell not?  Why not begin by repealing the Bush tax cuts? Why not reform entitlements now?

I get the politics of the statement: Blame Obama and try to counter the president's outreach on student loans. But what's so disturbing is that Romney's economic policies, to the extent we can take them as firm, prove that he means what he told the students.  He will add trillions to their debt.

"My generation will never pay it back."

All generations should remember that.