In my last post, I wrote about the red-eye flights most candidates and their senior staffs will take from Des Moines to Manchester tonight. That flight can be agony or ecstasy depending on results. But as a campaign service, I have the perfect song for that trip — campaigns spend a lot of time figuring out their theme music and this one is guaranteed to make the happy, happier, and the sad, less miserable. It's called “When the Wheels Touch Down” by the Foo Fighters. It is best listened to loud through those noise-reduction headphones, but here are the lyrics:

I know what you’re thinkin

We were goin’ down

I can feel the sinkin’

But then I came around


And everyone I’ve loved before

Flashed before my eyes

And nothin’ mattered anymore

I looked into the sky


Well I wanted something better man

I wished for something new

And I wanted something beautiful

And wish for something true

Been lookin’ for a reason man

Something to lose

When the wheels come down (When the wheels come down)

When the wheels touch ground (When the wheels touch ground)

And you feel like it’s all over

There’s another round for you

When the wheels come down (When the wheels come down)


Know your head spinnin’

Broken hearts will mend

This is our beginning

Comin’ to an end


Have a nice flight.