Mitt Romney's convincing win in Wisconsin means peace is settling upon the GOP and Romney is the candidate of conservatives. Santorum could still have a grip on some of our evangelicals and some who will not vote for a Mormon as their first choice in a primary, but there is no denying Romney's broad appeal.When Romney won Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-Wisc.) endorsement and talk radio turned in his favor in Wisconsin, it meant the conservatives were finally on board. The Maryland and DC primaries were never really contested.

Santorum’s appeal is exhausted. Nothing suggests that it is growing with any segment or demographic within the party. He can linger as background noise, but there is no purpose for his candidacy.

All this means that Romney needs two to four weeks to tidy up by bringing remaining elected party leaders on board, building a deeper campaign team and finding roles for Republican policy leaders. Then it’s game on with Obama.