Congressman Todd Akin needs to drop out of the Senate race in Missouri as soon as possible.  What he said warrants the political death penalty.  Rep. Akin has since issued an apology and stated his commitment to remain in the race, but he needs to stop denying the obvious and step down.  His continued presence on the ballot infects the Republican Party across the United States.  And the statute of limitations never runs out for such an offense. 

Following this latest incident, every Republican running for office in America should remember he or she is on probation for the rest of the campaign.  President Obama needs distractions, so his campaign will be sifting through everything that is said by Republicans to find who has said the craziest thing each day.  Then Obama's campaign will label that person as hateful, narrow-minded and anti-women, etc., and argue that his wild comments represent true and universal Republican views, including those of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  

It's unfair, but that's where we are.  

And in case you thought anything about this campaign was going to get easier, read Obama's answers to questions he received from the White House press corps yesterday.  Obama said that he thought he was running a good campaign, with no recollection of his team having called Romney a felon.  If you listen to how Obama tells it, he has brought civility and a change in tone to Washington, and nothing that he or his campaign has done has been "out of bounds."  What a liar.

Anyway, we are all on notice. The campaign isn't going to get any prettier or easier.