My favorite article of the day so far on the convention comes from David Brooks, who has a funny parody of Mitt Romney's biography. A close second is Ed's post this morning on the task facing tonight's GOP convention headliners: Ann Romney and Chris Christie.

I'd rather be on Ann Romney's speech team than Governor Christie's. My guess is that Ann Romney will be a convention highlight. Her love for her husband and her abilities as a public speaker, which are now polished, will carry her. I think her speech will have a powerful subtext: Mitt Romney is a father figure who meets his obligations, provides not only financially but emotionally, and, most of all, is a rock the family can depend on when trouble strikes. Her message may really be: He's not only done it for my family for four decades; he can do it for yours. 

Christie's job is tougher. As Ed correctly notes, he runs the risk of outshining Mitt. But the greater risk is that he will play to the hall, and not to the broader audience. Christie's shtick works well some; he is a bully, disguised as a truth-teller, the way Ed Koch once was. Yesterday, for example, he attacked Gerry Brown as an "old retread." The faithful probably loved it. The governor is the anti-Romney: passionate, angry, eyes bulging, finger pointing. His heat will test the cool medium of television tonight.