There seems to be a newly developing genre in 2012 of laying preemptive blame on Republicans. Preemptive to what, you ask?? Preemptive to President Obama's loss in November.

Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, Ezra Klein and now Carter Eskew, Frank Rich and today Dana Milbank, are just a few who have signed on. They are laying the groundwork for an Obama defeat that will require no finding of fault on Obama's part. They are already placing the blame on Republicans and their dishonesty, brutal campaign tactics, abandonment of principles, obstinance and just plain gratuitous opposition for opposition's sake as the reasons for the sinking of the righteous Obama ship.

I'm used to Democrats rationalizing their defeats and not respecting the idea that the voters made an informed decision to remove them from office. But this self-serving condescension of the "ignorant voters" usually comes after the elections; I've never seen so much work done to prep for defeat. I guess so many on the left are so invested in the greatness and infallibility of Obama that they can't just say he has presided over a mess and made mistakes, and then encourage him to make changes. That would be disrespectful to the president and unwelcome to their pals in the administration who clearly cannot admit mistakes. 

Anyway, are many of the Democrats already giving up?? And will that contribute to a self-fulfilling prophesy and an Obama loss? Not necessarily; there is so much pointed criticism of the ignoramus Republicans that independents may be convinced not to dare be associated with the neanderthals currently being blasted by the left.

The Democrats' message is simple: No thoughtful person could reasonably oppose Obama. He is our one and only solution. If you think otherwise, it is a pity that you are probably a racist, selfish brute, who never fully developed into a modern, enlightened contributor to the common good.

Obama's plan has always been to avoid his record and viciously make his opponent unacceptable. The early tarnishing and belittling of the voters who oppose Obama or who may consider opposing him is something new.

As Obama slips in the polls and states fall out of his 270 electoral vote column, the Democrats can either explain this by talking down to and lecturing voters, or shift to an acknowledgment of lessons learned and present a new, coherent plan for the future.  Eventually, the entire campaign adopts the personality of the candidate. So far, it looks like voters should be getting ready for a long, hot lecture.