World economic growth is collapsing. The Middle East is burning.  Iran is progressing toward a nuclear bomb. China and Japan have warships staring at each other. SAT reading scores for 2012 have hit a 40-year low.  President Obama refuses to meet with world leaders and declares himself “eye candy” for the nation on “The View.” I didn’t make any of this up. This really is the state of the world. And I didn’t even mention what the NFL’s referee strike is doing to the fabric of American society.  

Our president engages in glib dithering, and the really bad news is that he is getting away with it — and with some voters, it’s actually working.  See the Gallup poll out today that says economic confidence among Democrats is growing, in case we needed any more proof that the core of the Democratic Party aren’t just dependents, they’re delusional dependents. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but the same poll shows that economic confidence is diminishing among independent voters who are not committed to either party. 

Obama may have given up hope and change for the politics of defamation, and that appears to have been effective with his core base of supporters.  The question is whether he can sustain and slightly expand the “fairy tale,” as Bill Clinton would say, that he is selling to voters.  It’s hard to look at today’s headlines and not be discouraged.  Why isn’t it impossible to look at today’s headlines and decide anything other than it’s time for a change in the White House?

If you’ve been in a coma since December and you awoke to the news that Mitt Romney is even in the polls and essentially even with the incumbent president on campaign cash, you would think that’s pretty good for Romney.  Yet the fact that Romney’s campaign has looked ragged and that it hasn’t been pretty getting to this point has produced anxiety among the Republican faithful and those who have a clear-eyed view of the Obama failures and what they mean for the United States. 

The bad environment is getting worse for Obama. Today’s headlines and Obama’s smug, aloof, sugar-cube campaign could reconcile themselves and give Obama a ceiling below 50 percent.