To follow up on this morning’s post, where I present the case that there’s no good news for President Obama, I can now add a couple more discouraging anecdotes for the Obama team to consider.  First, I’d like to draw readers’ attention to the Richard Cohen piece from The Post. Cohen writes poetically, and more in sorrow than in anger, about the failure of the Obama presidency. To add to the list I started this morning, another symptom of a losing campaign is when the core of your support base begins to acknowledge their disappointment, even before the election results are in, and to sadly recount what might have been. Cohen says, “I will vote for Obama with regret. I wish he was the man I once mistook him for.” 

Additionally, more reports of early voting favoring Mitt Romney — or at least, that suggest Obama has nowhere near the early voting strength that he had in 2008 — continue to roll in.  As these incremental results continue to show an advantage for Romney, it is unlikely they will motivate Obama supporters. In fact, I would suspect the Obama team finds them discouraging; whereas the Romney supporters become more enthused by the prospect of winning. 

The early voting coverage is just another example of how in politics, good gets better and bad gets worse. The news for Democrats is demoralizing rather than inspiring, and it will be hard for Obama to overcome in the next week.  The Obama campaign needs a gamechanger; something big needs to happen.