For Mitt Romney, today's Walker recall victory was an affirmation of GOP policy and a positive sign that Wisconsin could be in play for the November election. The sentiments that led to Scott Walker's election in 2010 have not diminished, despite the Democrats' best efforts.  Romney and other conservatives shouldn't over-interpret the good news.  Governor Scott Walker faced a tough reelection today. He was a good candidate and he has been a good governor. That is why he won. No one voted for him as a favor to Romney or because Romney asked.   

However, the Wisconsin results do make a suggestion about Obama and his pro-government, pro-union positions, hinting at more trouble to come. 

President Obama was in a lose-lose situation. If he got heavily involved in the campaign, he risked being exposed as a burden for Democrats and being wounded in the fall. But staying away drew criticism that he wasn't helping his supporters and he wasn't there when the unions needed him. Being president often means you are left trying to pick the least worst decision.

In politics, bad gets worse, and nothing is going Obama's way right now. Good gets better and Romney is on a roll.  But things are never as bad or as good as they appear.  The Wisconsin recall results are good for all Republicans and everything Republicans care about, but it is still just a sideshow. Obama is still the favorite, including in Wisconsin.