Ed may have a tough time believing the presidential polls, but I do not. The race has broken President Obama's way — a culmination of events capped by a game-changer, the 47 percent remark. All credible polling now shows, particularly in the target states, that Romney's path to victory has narrowed.

No, this does not mean this race is over. The debates loom as a great opportunity for Romney, and the punditry-industrial complex is dying for a Romney comeback. But Romney has hurt himself, and the ABC News/Washington Post poll Ed cites, where 60 percent say they are dissatisfied with how the Romney campaign is being run, does have significance. If you can't run a competent campaign, will you run a competent White House?

If I were a Republican, I would keep the faith that the pendulum will swing and the worm will turn. Until then, I guess, it's okay to engage in another stage of political denial I just remembered: Blame the pollsters.