I predicted Mitt Romney's honeymoon would last until about last weekend. Well,what have we heard in the last few days? Prominent scholars have declared "The Republicans are the problem"; it is apparently reasonable to assume a President Romney would have let Osama bin Laden walk; the respected voice of no less than Eugene Robinson says Republicans are waging a campaign to discourage voting rights just like back in the Jim Crow days; and a Democratic congressman accused Romney of being a "basher" of immigrants' hopes and of "making the most reprehensible and most irresponsible statement that ANY presidential candidate could ever make."

The idea of a Republican "war against women" is regularly discussed as fact, and the Ryan budget (the only serious budget proposed by anyone) isn't debated on its merits; instead Obama supporters say it "decimates food programs for struggling families and radically weakens the protection for the elderly and sick..." And today we start the OWS May Day revival that will accuse leaders from the center and the right of being the cause of every problem imaginable. The 1 percenter in-chief, President Obama, will be with them in spirit.

To summarize, the president and the left don't have a record to run on or a plan for the future that can withstand daylight, so they distract and deceive by saying any wacky thing that comes to mind. Every campaign has some hyperbole, but that is all the Democrats have, and it's only May 1.

The kickoff of the 2012 campaign debate is a bad joke. The election hasn't had a serious start, so it doesn't need to degenerate into a mindless turnoff for voters; it's already there.

Since the election will still happen in November, what does this mean? I think the Democratic leaders have collectively decided a farce is better than any sort of debate. But I think the left is outsmarting themselves; they run the risk of being so predictable in their constant fingerpointing and overdone blaming of Republicans that the voters they need to enthuse will tune out, shrug and not vote in November by the numbers that Democrats will need to win. Voters aren't stupid. They will notice Democrats are not offering solutions.

Instead of hope and change, Obama is trying to find a way to embrace and enhance any and all grievances and invent some new ones, in the hope of manufacturing even more victimized malcontents who can be formed into a new coalition. This is bizarre but I don't see evidence of another plan.

Romney must look back at the last several days and assume more of the same is coming. It is too early to match the Democrats blow for blow without belittling himself and playing on their turf. But the warnings are clear: Nothing is out of bounds, the truth can be ignored and no accusation is too extreme. Get ready.